Meet Janae

"The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch, get started, take action, move."

- John Wooden -

What is Life Coaching, you ask?

A Life Coach is to you, what an athletic coach is to an athlete. If you want to go to the Olympics, for example, you would have a coach to get you there, right? If you want an Olympic caliber life, a Life Coach works with you to produce results with Power, Velocity and Fun. Gold Medal results!

Coaching provides an access to a life that is discontinuous with your past experiences. It creates a game plan for life with a system in place, accountability, motivation and most importantly the power to get you out of your own way!

I work with all human beings interested in a Gold Medal Life, and I specialize in working with the world of Athletics. I work with you to bring your essence to performance. And for athletes transitioning out of sport I work with you to apply the athlete in you to the next homerun in your life.

What do you want in your life?

  • Want more Power, Fun, and Satisfaction in your life? Rate yours from 1-10...want more?
  • Want to shift your relationship to performance forever?...career, sport, relationship, etc.
  • Want to be set up powerfully after the upset of an injury? ...there is opportunity in the upset!
  • Do you want to feel great about yourself and exude confidence? What is possible from being that in your life?
  • Do you want better relationships? Create the relationship of your dreams, or, learn to be powerful and loving with others.
  • Do you want to be supported in transitioning out of sport to bringing your all-star skills to the ‘real world’? Are you asking “who am I with out my sport? What’s next that could possibly compare to my athletic experience?
  • Want to create a strong secondary, residual income for yourself? Fix your roof before it leaks! Or Get Out Of Debt…it is called ‘GOOD’.
  • Do you want to stop living for the weekends and pursue a career that you are passionate about? People spend their lives making a living rather than designing a life.

I have accomplished all of this.

You choose. You get to say.

Life can be created by Design! My mission is to empower you in achieving that for yourself.

Why do I need a Life Coach?

  • You don't! You can do life on your own. However, a Gold Medal Champion does not experience that level of success with out a coach. I work with people who are up for a Gold Medal in life!
  • You don't! No one needs a coach, yet virtually everyone could benefit from the power of a coaching relationship that is all about you and your life.
  • You don't! AND a coach can see things you cannot see and hear things you cannot hear. Literally by month four it will feel like you were hit in the head by a 2x4 and you will really get the power of this work!

Focused Action a key factor in creating the results you want. Insight plus action creates success! My playful and inquisitive approach allows for the insights to open up and breakthroughs to occur.

Coaching- personal one-hour sessions each week. The coaching is where miracles really start to happen ongoingly. We work together on creating your life by design. How do you want your life to look?