Meet Janae

"You don't have to change that much for it to make a great deal of difference. A few simple disciplines can have a major impact on how your life works out in the next 90 days, let alone in the next 12 months or the next 3 years."

- Jim Rohn -

Welcome Prospective Client,
I am a powerhouse in the coaching arena. As a life coach, I support my clients to surmount their roadblocks of life and achieve their definition of greatness. Throughout my athletic career, I utilized a coach to achieve greatness in sport. During my transition into the ‘real world’, I found myself without a coach for the first time. This was a challenging transition and I was dissatisfied with the results. I was frustrated to be falling short of my goals and I wanted more out of life! I longed to be back in the spotlight at the top of my game. I realized that a coach could support me to get where I wanted to be. I am excited to say that, my experience with my life coach helped me to produce that and more! I have become unstoppable in achieving a Gold Medal Lifestyle. And I do so with power, velocity, love and tons of fun!

My clients are people who are committed to achieving greatness in life. Typically people have areas of life where they are powerful and others where they are more challenged. As a coach, I create possibility with my clients and fundamentally shift their relationship to their own reality. This equals results beyond their wildest expectations.

Examples of results that I produce with my clients are:

  • Committed Action - like the diver who must be fully committed to completing the dive once their feet leave the platform, you must be committed to following through with your goals. I will support you in reaching your goals with the same precision an Olympic diver enters the water.
  • 100% Accountability - like the gymnast who always completes their routine with a final salute regardless of whether it was a struggle or a stuck dismount. My clients learn to be accountable from start to finish. They complete what they set out to do while keeping respect intact.
  • Integrity - like the archer who needs integrity in many areas to hit the bulls-eye: the composition of the bow, the trueness of the arrow and the strength of the line all must be without flaw. If one is out, the gold medal is lost. My clients hit their bulls-eye, by creating a life grounded in integrity.
  • ‘In the Ring’ Golden Love - knock out what stops you in love and life. Love is the finest thing in life. It is time to live like the heavy weight champion of love! Step into the ring of life, take some jabs and do what it takes for a knock out in the arena of love.
  • Being - I will break from the sport analogies. ‘Being’ is the real gold of this process. In shifting one’s being, my clients experience more joy, power and fulfillment than they ever thought possible. Think of being as the root of the tree, it sends all nourishment and all strength into the trunk and its branches. The root branches out in the soil to enable the tree to grow out of the ground. I focus on the being part of human beings. Living in your essence of ‘being,’ the possibilities of the world open up and you are left standing on the Olympic Gold Medal platform of your life.